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Wireless HDMI TV Kit


Imagine eliminating the buildup of HDMI wires behind your home theater system or not needing to drill holes into your wall or floors to run wires through. The Xtreme Wireless TV Kit is perfect to transmit multiple HDMI devices behind your television. This two part kit offers a sender and receiver that can operate up to 155 feet away. Connecting up to three devices to the HDMI Switch which sends the connection from the sender to the receiver onto your television. Computer, Gaming consoles, cable boxes, Apple TV, DVD/ Blu-ray players or any other HDMI devices can now become wirelessly connected to your television screen without the use of WiFi. Wirelessly connect your HDMI devices from your patio or deck easily without the hassle of rearranging setup wires. This will allow users to hide your consoles or HDMI devices from your desk surface, freeing up your home theater setup.

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  • Mount HDTV Anywhere without the wires
  • HD digital signal for movies and gaming
  • Supports HDMI Devices
  • Eliminates Cable Clutter
  • Easy plug ‘n play

Additional information

Packaging Weight 46 oz
Packaging Dimensions 8.25 × 2.25 × 6 in

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