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XLB7-1064-BLK RGB Light Bar
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Xtreme Sound Reactive Multicolor LED Light Bar, Bluetooth, Horizontal/Vertical Setup


When it comes to your desk, or any space, unique lighting can often make the difference to how it looks. With the Xtreme Sound Reactive LED Equalizer Bar, you’ll have striking multicolor options for your locale. Featuring 18 color modes, 8 ‘Equalizer’ patterns, 4 brightness settings and 5 speed levels, you can customize your lights with interesting results. All of this can be made using the built-in buttons on the back of your light bar. To activate the Bluetooth sound-reactive mode, scan the QR code in our manual and you can create striking lights to the beats of your favorite songs. Use our bar in a horizontal or vertical mode with the included removable stand. With a rechargeable battery, you can get up to 3-4 hours of use for your light. Use the included USB charging cable and connect it to ports on your computer or HDTV, repowering should take around an hour. Enhance your existing locale with the Sound Reactive LED Equalizer Bar.

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  • Multicolor Lighting Selections: You have multiple color, pattern, flow, brightness and speed settings to select from. All of which can be done using the built-in buttons on the back of the bar.
  • Bluetooth Sound-Reactive Mode: Scan the QR code in the manual and you’ll have access to the app to create sound-reactive lights that react to the beats of your songs on Bluetooth devices.
  • Horizontal/Vertical Setup: Our light bar can be set up either horizontally or vertically on your desk with the removable stand. You can also attach it elsewhere with the included adhesive stickers.
  • Rechargeable/USB-Powered: Working 3-4 hours, our bar is rechargeable and can be repowered from a port on your laptops, desktop computers or HDTVs with a USB charging cable.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 4 oz
Packaging Dimensions 2.75 × 0.94 × 7.4 in


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