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Headphone Mount Hanger for Computer Monitors and Desk Organization


The Xtreme Headphone Mount keeps your desk free of clutter by hanging your headphones on the side of your computer monitor. Save on precious desk space while also keeping your tools neatly organized and ready when needed. No screws or wires necessary for installation. This Headphone Mount is compact, lightweight, and highly durable. The mount attaches to the back of your monitor and can hold the weight of almost any standard sized headphones. The adhesive is strong enough to support the weight of your headphones without damaging the monitor in the process. The mount can be removed and reused without leaving behind traces of residue, keeping your monitor clean and intact. This mount is made with a minimalist design to match nearly any décor. Most of the apparatus is hidden behind the monitor, leaving a small shelf to mount your headphones on. The mount will fit to any flat, clean surface, although we do recommend adhering the mount to an object that can bear the weight of your headphones for optimal stability.

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  • Eliminate desk clutter while protecting your headphones
  • Strong yet removable adhesive holds your headphones without damage to your monitor
  • Minimalist mount design coordinates great with any décor space
  • Universally compatible with all headphones or gaming headsets

Additional information

Packaging Weight 0.15 oz
Packaging Dimensions 4.2 × 0.75 × 6.5 in

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