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Non-Slip Extra Large LED Gaming Mouse Pad


The Xtreme Non-Slip Extra Large LED Gaming Mouse Pad is equipped with an LED strip built into the edges of the surface to create a mesmerizing environment while gaming. The borders of this extra-large mousepad glow with vibrant lights to create a stunning atmosphere. Switch between 7 unique color changing modes with a simple ouch of a button. The mousepad is 14 inches by 10 inches, making it large enough to fit a mouse or keyboard on top. The base of the mousepad is made with an anti-slip material for a reliable grip to ensure your devices do not move while in use. The top side is made from micro-texture superfine fibers which allows for an incredibly smooth glide. This device is powered by the included USB cable which guarantees a strong and stable connection. No drivers or additional software is needed, the mousepad will light up with USB power alone. Simply plug and play!

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  • LED backlit gaming mouse pad allows you to illuminate your desk
  • Switch between 7 color changing modes with the touch of a button
  • Anti-slip rubber base grips the desktop firmly for accurate mouse control
  • Ultra smooth surface designed with micro-texture superfine fibers
  • Powered by any USB source
  • Sized 14 inches by 10 inches for maximum coverage

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