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LED Ring Light, Universal Phone Mount


Xtreme LED Ring Light offers the best solution for content creators. Whether you run a vlog, create video tutorials, or create content for social media, lighting is an important factor. This LED Ring Light offers multiple shades of white with added brightness controls to give you greater creative control. This device comes built-in controller that allows you to cycle between Cool White, Soft Light, and Warm Light. The brightness control has 10 levels and allows you to brighten or dim your Ring Light to find the appropriate amount of light needed for any situation.


Also included is a power button for convenience. The center of the Light Ring includes a built-in gooseneck phone mount for holding your smartphone while you record. This design allows you to film in portrait or landscape mode viewing angles. This device is the all-in-1 selfie video filming tool.

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  • LED Ring Light is the perfect companion for creating social media content, vlogs or video tutorials
  • Universal phone mount is precisely positioned in the center of the LED ring, providing balanced lighting distribution while capturing photos or recording videos
  • Ball-joint gooseneck phone mount and tripod give you the perfect angle every time
  • Choose between 10 different brightness levels and 3 distinct color lighting modes: Cool White, Soft Light and Warm Light
  • Powered by the included 6ft USB cable with built-in controls
  • Get The Right Angle and Lighting For Videos/Photos: Use the universal phone mount for the ideal lighting, along with the ball-joint gooseneck mount and tripod for the perfect angle.
  • 10 Brightness Settings and 3 Separate Color Levels: You’ll have the option of selecting between three possible color settings including Cool White, Soft White and Warm White and ten brightness options for the optimal look.
  • Powered By A 6ft USB Cable With Built-In Controls: Your light is powered by a 6ft USB cable that also includes multiple buttons to adjust your settings and appearance when taking a photo or making a video.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 8 oz
Packaging Dimensions 4 × 0.75 × 6 in

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