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XLB7-1052-BLK 1XLB7-1052-BLK Mockup 3XLB7-1052-BLK 2XLB7-1052-BLK 3XLB7-1052-BLK 4
XLB7-1052-BLK 1
XLB7-1052-BLK Mockup 3
XLB7-1052-BLK 2
XLB7-1052-BLK 3
XLB7-1052-BLK 4

Starry Night USB Laser Light, Auto or Home, USB Powered


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  • 6.6 ft LED strip reacts to sound & the pulse of the music
  • USB powered & customizable LED strip to enhance any living space
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy application to most surfaces
  • Wide selection of 16 colors & 4 different mood light settings to create any ambiance
  • Remote control works up to 26ft away

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