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XNS7-1003-RGB Neon Sign Good Vibes-3D

12.76″ x 6.73″ ‘Good Vibes’ Multi-color LED Neon Sign


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The Xtreme Lit LED neon sign can add brightness to your life while creating a bright and amazing atmosphere for your family. Choose from a variety of artistic designs that is suitable for the best party or event night lights. Perfect for children bedroom, gaming room, dorm room, living room, or can be used to decorate party venues. This LED neon hanging wall décor consists of the latest LED technology. Our remote control allows for multiple color modes through the sign to make them more colorful and vibrant. It’s very easy to install with no risk of glass breaking and stays cool to the touch plastic design. Powered by a 5-volt USB port and power adapter, all you need is the wall outlet. Light up your home with the Xtreme Lit ‘Good Vibes’ Multi-color LED Neon Sign.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 18 oz
Packaging Dimensions 12.76 × 6.73 × 0.47 in


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