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XBH9-1023-GRY LS

Bluetooth Over the Ear Wireless Foldable Rechargeable Headphones, Built-In Microphone


  • Compatible with all Bluetooth® enabled devices
  • Built-in audio controls for seamless control over your music
  • High-definition sound provides a crisp listening experience.
  • Wireless Bluetooth® range of up to 33ft
  • Built-in mic for hands-free speakerphone
  • Adjustable cushioned headband that collapses for easy storage
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Ever wanted to listen to your favorite shows or play the most exciting video games without disturbing others in the same room? The Xtreme Bluetooth™ Headphone with Audio Cable has you covered. You’ll be able to stream audio from your TV or gaming consoles to your headphones, soundbars or speakers from up to 33 feet away. Our headphones are specially designed to cancel out noise and distracting sounds while providing crisp, clear audio presentations. You’ll be able to power it from your TV’s USB port or use the included USB Wall Adapter for quick charging. Installation’s a breeze, just remove the tape covering and attach the Self-Adhesive Transmitter Mount to any spot for an easy fit. Directly connect it to your TV or device monitor with ease. For the best television or gaming experiences without disturbing others, The Monster HDTV Wireless Headphones Kit with Bluetooth Transmitter can deliver.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 12 oz
Packaging Dimensions 6.45 × 3.3 × 7.57 in


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