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Connected Home Rechargeable Smart Wi-Fi Snapshot Battery Doorbell, Up to 60″ Viewing Angle


  • Instant notifications
  • Remote access with included app
  • Snapshot images for every motion detection & doorbell press
  • Pair with the Xtreme Connected Wireless Chime (sold separately) for indoor chimes throughout your home
  • Battery Powered: Up to 3 months use with (2) 18650 batteries (included)
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This doorbell is solely powered by rechargeable batteries and has specific functions to conserve battery life. As a snapshot doorbell, this product will send screenshot images to your phone when the doorbell is pressed, or after motion is detected while the PIR setting is on. The doorbells’ live view video function is only accessible within 2 minutes of active action at the door, such as someone pressing the doorbell button or after motion has been detected.
This doorbell has a 60″ viewing angle and monitors a distance of up to 15ft. For optimal viewing and detection, mount the doorbell in a position that will provide visibility of Visitors tace. This position may be above your existing wired doorbell or in the middle of your door. Note: This doorbell will not provide a full body view of visitor or packages on the ground.
When recharging doorbell, ensure micro-USB charging cable is fully inserted in port. A red LED ill illuminate on the side when power is charging doorbell. Note: Charging indicator will not change color when fully charged. Charge for approximately 4 hours, however charging time will vary based upon use. To conserve battery life, do not allow battery power to drain below 15% before recharging.
Add (optional) Xtreme Connected Home Wireless Chime (not included) in the home to also hear an audible tone inside when someone presses the doorbell.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 10 oz
Packaging Dimensions 3 × 2 × 7 in


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