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Digital HDTV Antenna


  • Get Full 1080P HD Broadcast Channels Without Costing You: Pick up all your favorite channels and programs, within a 60-mile range for our antenna, with no complicated setups or ridiculously costly TV packages.
  • Fast and Easy DIY Installation: Place the antenna to your nearest window and connect the coaxal cable to the TV you want to link up to for instant broadcast streaming.
  • Comes With Coaxial Cable and 4 Mounting Stickers: Our package comes with a 16ft Coaxial cable and several mounting adhesive stickers for your installation.
  • Xtreme Customer Service Guarantee: Xtreme guarantees you will be satisfied with your final purchase. If you have any issues or concerns, Contact us at (855)-999-8041 and we’ll be more than happy to assist.
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Do you want to watch high-quality HD channels without a costly cable package or complicated setups? With the Xtreme Digital HDTV Antenna, you can get full broadcast programs in your home in the simplest way imaginable. Mount the antenna inside your nearest window and you can pick up signals for channels withing a 60-mile range. Connect the included 16ft Coaxial cable to your television and immediately stream HD video and audio to your TV. We’ve also included four adhesive stickers for easy mounting and installation. Forget complicated setups and those tyrants at the cable company with the Digital HDTV Antenna

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Packaging Weight 8 oz
Packaging Dimensions 10.55 × .85 × 13.30 in


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