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XLB7-1028-BLK Mockup

LED Car Accent Light


  • Five Customizable LED Modes: Five different modes allow you to craft the most unique and dazzling color displays possible.
  • Remote Control Allows For Further Modifications and Unique Settings: The included Remote Control can further control your lights, make more changes, or modify your color and flash settings for the ideal visual experience.
  • Connects Directly To Your Car’s Charger Port For Full Power: You’ll be able to link the strips, and their batteries, direct to the car’s DC adapter port for the perfect power connectivity.
  • Just Peel, Stick and Install: Remove the cover to the adhesive tape on the back of the strips and attach them to any space within your interior without issue.
  • One-Year Customer Warranty: “Xtreme warrants its products for one year against defects in manufacturing under regular customer use with original receipt of purchase. We believe in your products and want to provide you with a replacement if needed, only in which the product is still under warranty. If you discover a defect covered by this warranty, please contact us about receiving a replacement. In order to use the products warranty, the customer must provide proof of the retailers receipt.”
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LED Car Accent Light

Want to add a more colorful flourish to the inside of your vehicle? The Xtreme LED Car Accent Light can enhance your interior with two LED strips. With five customizable modes and many color settings, you can craft unique lighting that gives your inside a striking look. The remote control allows you to make quick modifications, while controlling the colors and the speed/duration of the flash modes. With its battery powered by a DC adapter plugged into your car’s power socket, you have full connectivity to keep your strips working. Installation’s a breeze, just peel off the tape covering the self-adhesive backing and apply it to whatever space you want it to be attached to. Xtreme also backs their products with a one-year customer warranty for all purchases. For the most unique lighting to brighten up your car, turn to the LED Car Accent Light and be dazzled by what you can create.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 3.2 oz
Packaging Dimensions 5.25 × 0.75 × 12.56 in


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