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XLB7-1061-RGB Trapped Blister Card 2000
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Xtreme Tire Valve Multicolor LED Lights, Works With Bicycles/Cars/Motorcycles, 4-Pack


The Xtreme Tire Valve LED Lights can provide a unique look to your existing vehicle setup. Useable with cars, motorcycles and bicycles, you can attach them to the valves on each tire for a secure fit. Our multicolor lights activate at night when it detects the change in sunlight and the motion of your wheels. Perfect for illuminating your bike while you drive at night to avoid the possibility of accidents occurring. Before you install them, unscrew the LED bulb and remove the protective plastic cover from the batteries. Our item uses 2 LR44 batteries each that can be easily replaced when they run low on power. Have a striking look the next time you go for a bike ride with the Tire Valve LED Lights 4-Pack from Xtreme.

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  • 4 Unique Multicolor Lights: Our pack includes 4 unique multicolor LED lights that can be attached to the tire valves on whatever vehicle you choose.
  • Great For Any Vehicle: Use them on your car, motorcycle or bicycle to provide striking lights as you drive. Our lights detect the change in sunlight and activate during the evening.
  • Avoid Traffic Accidents: Attach them to your bike and you’ll be clearly visible if you’re driving during the evening.
  • Battery-Powered: Each light is powered by 2 LR44 Batteries that are already preinstalled. If the power on them starts to run low, you can easily remove them and install new ones.

Additional information

Packaging Weight 4 oz
Packaging Dimensions 4.25 × 0.63 × 5.25 in


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