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Xtreme 3ft Sound-Activated LED Strip, Customizable Multicolor RGB Lighting, USB-Powered


In any space, your lighting can enhance any locale. With the Xtreme 3ft Sound-Activated LED Light Strip, you’ll be able to transform any area instantly. Customizable with the included remote control, you can select from multiple multicolor and light settings to get the right look and mood. Activate the sound-reactive mode and your lights will respond to the sounds of your favorite songs, videos or TV shows. You can connect it to any USB port on your desktop computer, HDTV or a compatible wall adapter for instant power. The self-adhesive backing allows it to stick to any surface for a quick, straightforward installation. Transform how any space looks with the 3ft Sound-Activated LED Light Strip from Xtreme.

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  • Customizable LED Lights: Use the included remote to fully modify your strip’s lights with multiple color and lighting settings to create the best look and illumination in your area.
  • Works In Any Space: Backlight your devices, add a little light to your home office, kitchen, bedroom, wherever you decide.
  • Sound-Reactive Mode: Activate this setting and your lighting will react to the sounds of your favorite songs, videos, movies and TV shows for unique and striking results.
  • Peel and Stick Installation: The self-adhesive strip easily sticks to any surface or space without a complicated setup or additional pieces.
  • USB-Powered: Connect our strip to any USB ports on your desktop computer, HDTVs or via a compatible wall adapter in a nearby wall outlet

Additional information

Packaging Weight 4 oz
Packaging Dimensions 4.33 × 0.9 × 4.33 in


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